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Something Little About Myself

My name is Dzemo, pronounced as “Jaymo”, weird but most definitely unique. As a photographer, I find myself motivated to capture the world in a distinct and creative way.  Feel free to email me through the “contact” page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for checking out the blog and maybe one day I’ll take a picture of you.


  • ReplyWillam O'Connor 22 Jan

    Love the photos very nice ………. you pay attention to details. Im a fan

  • ReplyMachareimages 23 Jan

    Great images. I started blogging not too long ago myself. Check out my WordPress blogs at machareimages.wordpress.com and fridayswoon.wordpress.com
    Btw found you through matthew Restrepo who is extended family of mine.

    • ReplyPhotoDH 25 Jan

      Thanks a lot! Matt is a good friend of mine! I’ll defiantly check out your blog:)

  • ReplyIgbala Metjahic 25 Jan

    Love the blog! You take great photos, good luck!!!

  • ReplyMissFishwick 20 Dec

    Love your work! Very talented

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